Marianas Trench

I tread the ocean on the center of your eye.
But little did I know, beneath that blue water, the deepest trench hides.
I swam for forever until I realized, I do not know how to swim,
I’m drowning of your so-called love.

The water filled my body as it replaced all my blood.
I, soon, became empty, and lifeless and have gone to dust.

The waves that you created,
the storms that you helped to brew,
the lives you took for granted,
was the end of me and you.

I now look back in the ocean, from the tears thousands did make.
Dull, tasteless, and clear is what can be defined.
Well me, I left a tear that may be simple in your eyes.
But it’s made of poison, darling, to end all your lies.

By: Daryl Gian Castrudes.


The Soaring One

They said it’s waste of time
It won’t benefit no one.
They said I should stop
And perch on the worn mat.

They don’t believe in me,
Will bury me with my dreams.
But I shall rise from my sleep,
And be better than I ought to be.
Lips that keeps on murmuring,
Eyes that keeps on staring,
The bees that keeps on stinging,
They’re gone if I’d stop thinking.

Million of stars wouldn’t fall,
If it’s not for certain people.
Radiant sun will burn even brighter,
And show everyone its rays of power.

My wings won’t falter, won’t fall on the ground.
My legs won’t get tired as I leap all around.
My hands are nifty, will work not halt,
For I am passionate enough, and that’s beyond important.


A Wallflower’s Life

I’m a wallflower,
In a garden full of weeds.
There’s nothing left to see,
But the petals floating away from me.

 Alone in the darkness of the night,
On what I think so bright.
The roots of my own,
Would never think that I’m alright.

The mist that engulfs me,
Descended from the above;
Would freeze me to my death,
To my everlasting life.

The dawn wave at me,
Waking me up from my sleep.
A nightmare the last night it may seem,
A dream that I would never be able to keep.

Journey to change

The stars on waterless sea, looking down on me
Guide on my journey, as I try to be free.
Swimming on the ocean above the famous trench,
Featured on a movie, whose main character’s name in French.

Sailing in the ocean of thoughts of my own,
Pointing forward on the wake of the dawn.
To stand, to fight, and to aim my self-crafted bow,
Braving the tides, the pirates I don’t know.

The journey was tough for my weak heart,
Surprised on myself as I did withstand.
Battles on the way with such phenomena,
Wounds of my past, won’t haunt me again at last.

So look on the north with my head high,
And flip the rigid pages of my own life.
Tomorrow’s a new day, but will always be the same,
If there’s nothing I’d do that forever will be changed.


On The Edge

You came into my life with nothing else to lose,
I gave up everything, and you’re the one I choose.
This love is strange, utterly treacherous,
I knew it from the start, but continue to love you.

Centimeters apart never felt so far,
When I’m with your company, it always feel miles.
Enigma’s the word, our story could’ve been explained,
For every time we’re together, it always feel strange.

Versions of you keeps popping up,
I’m so confused, on who’s about to show up.
Each day and night you’re always changing,
From zero to hero, beauty to beast.

Up and down and down and down,
Happiness will always turn to frown.
Ripped the pages on the story of us,
Burned them down, tear me apart.

Then one big night, I finally realized,
Two lonely souls met, just the other to fall apart.
Maybe it was your intention, right from the start,
To struck my heart’s strings, and cut the heck out.

And I wonder for hours, “How did you have any guts,
To come back for me, with you from the start?”
To fall in love, darling to you,
To fall into the pit, I’m most likely to avoid.

But I’m on the edge of falling,
Can you help me to become once I was?
I knew you from the start,
And I know you cannot.

By: Daryl Castrudes

Living life

Swimming inside was my first task to live
With millions of others, don’t want to be killed.
The competition was tough for those of us who’s far
And yes, I was surprised, when I’m the one who won.

To take a peek on the world, I hope, just once
And see the beauty on the outside, to sing and to dance.
To live my life fully with my parents guide
Oh, good gracious, I can not wait for that time.

A life worth waiting, a life worth living
I would be so happy, if they keep their promise.
If they do care about me, about everything I could be
They shouldn’t have left me, as dead hollow tree.

This thick glass that divide me to them
Is my only protection on their ruthless deeds.
This day wouldn’t be a nightmare, it it weren’t to them
My long awaited dream, I can now see fading.

I know, in myself, they will forget about me
About their planned future, about their selfish ways.
I know, in myself, I will forget about them
And let myself heal, with I thought the lovely big world.


Double Review Week


For a couple of months, my TBR has been rapidly growing and I’m a little overwhelmed by the amount of books. As I’ve been a book blogger for two years, I’ve always had one rule which I’ve stuck by: Never have more than 30 books on your TBR. I know a lot of people have hundreds and this seems like a small amount compared to theirs, but it’s my own rule and personal comfort.

Due to the success of the last two Double Review Week’s, I’ve decided to do another. I may do one next week, depending on how much I read seeing as I’ve been (and still am) in London. I hope you enjoy this week and my blog. Any feedback, please share.

The first post will be around 12pm and the second will be around 3pm – both UK times.

Monday 11th
Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill

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Using strong verbs to enhance your writing. Write simply or write powerfully.


Strong verbs make sentences more powerful. Simple verbs are okay to use when writing, but they are not as powerful as strong verbs.

Strong verbs make your writing more powerful to the reader. Choose powerful verbs and enhance your writing. You can express yourself simply with the usual simple verbs, or powerfully with strong verbs.

Be careful when choosing your stronger verbs. The verbs you choose depend on the context. Here are some simple verbs with the stronger verbs listed below them:


  • announced, commanded, declared, echoed, emphasised, exclaimed, mumbled, murmured, ordered, predicted, quoted, reiterated, repeated, replied, shouted, stressed, verbalised, whispered.


  • advanced, ambled, crawled, continued, dashed, embarked, flew, followed, hiked, hobbled, hurried, journeyed, marched, patrolled, proceeded, ran, sailed, sauntered, sprinted, stormed, travelled, trudged, waddled, walked.


  • achieved, acquired, attained, borrowed, bought, derived, earned, guessed, inherited, obtained, produced, received, won.


  • accomplished, achieved, arranged, completed, discharged, executed, fulfilled, performed.


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The Day You Left Me

Up to this day

I can still remember your name

The sky was blue

But it suddenly turned gray.

Birds flew high

Up and above

The sun shone bright

But covered in the clouds.

Walking on the sidewalk

So awkward for us to talk

To hold your hand

And sway it back and forth.

You start to speak

Blue eyes staring on me

To say something sweet

Is not what you came here.

You said that you love me

And don’t want to break my heart

Your lips muttered words

That I don’t want to hear, my love.

My world began to break

All the shrapnel on my face

My heart stopped beating

On every word you said.

The memories that we had

Flashed right into my eyes

And I wondered for hours

Why you left me without being warned.

What a cruel thing it is

To let someone fall apart

Without explaining why

Oh, without explaining why.



Azure blue river

Sky and drink

The day that we met

Your eyes is all I can see.

Days passed by

My heart is still beating

So loud and clear

Your name is all it scream.

Now looking on the window

Thinking of you

Thinking of me

On our love that cannot be retrieve.

The love that we had

So special till it lasted

But in series of events

We broke each others hearts.

We gave it a chance

You took it away

I tried to forgive

But we watched all it fade.

Forever is the word

You told me since

Forever is the word

You used to shatter me.

– – – – – – –