The Day You Left Me

Up to this day

I can still remember your name

The sky was blue

But it suddenly turned gray.

Birds flew high

Up and above

The sun shone bright

But covered in the clouds.

Walking on the sidewalk

So awkward for us to talk

To hold your hand

And sway it back and forth.

You start to speak

Blue eyes staring on me

To say something sweet

Is not what you came here.

You said that you love me

And don’t want to break my heart

Your lips muttered words

That I don’t want to hear, my love.

My world began to break

All the shrapnel on my face

My heart stopped beating

On every word you said.

The memories that we had

Flashed right into my eyes

And I wondered for hours

Why you left me without being warned.

What a cruel thing it is

To let someone fall apart

Without explaining why

Oh, without explaining why.