Using strong verbs to enhance your writing. Write simply or write powerfully.


Strong verbs make sentences more powerful. Simple verbs are okay to use when writing, but they are not as powerful as strong verbs.

Strong verbs make your writing more powerful to the reader. Choose powerful verbs and enhance your writing. You can express yourself simply with the usual simple verbs, or powerfully with strong verbs.

Be careful when choosing your stronger verbs. The verbs you choose depend on the context. Here are some simple verbs with the stronger verbs listed below them:


  • announced, commanded, declared, echoed, emphasised, exclaimed, mumbled, murmured, ordered, predicted, quoted, reiterated, repeated, replied, shouted, stressed, verbalised, whispered.


  • advanced, ambled, crawled, continued, dashed, embarked, flew, followed, hiked, hobbled, hurried, journeyed, marched, patrolled, proceeded, ran, sailed, sauntered, sprinted, stormed, travelled, trudged, waddled, walked.


  • achieved, acquired, attained, borrowed, bought, derived, earned, guessed, inherited, obtained, produced, received, won.


  • accomplished, achieved, arranged, completed, discharged, executed, fulfilled, performed.


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