Living life

Swimming inside was my first task to live
With millions of others, don’t want to be killed.
The competition was tough for those of us who’s far
And yes, I was surprised, when I’m the one who won.

To take a peek on the world, I hope, just once
And see the beauty on the outside, to sing and to dance.
To live my life fully with my parents guide
Oh, good gracious, I can not wait for that time.

A life worth waiting, a life worth living
I would be so happy, if they keep their promise.
If they do care about me, about everything I could be
They shouldn’t have left me, as dead hollow tree.

This thick glass that divide me to them
Is my only protection on their ruthless deeds.
This day wouldn’t be a nightmare, it it weren’t to them
My long awaited dream, I can now see fading.

I know, in myself, they will forget about me
About their planned future, about their selfish ways.
I know, in myself, I will forget about them
And let myself heal, with I thought the lovely big world.