On The Edge

You came into my life with nothing else to lose,
I gave up everything, and you’re the one I choose.
This love is strange, utterly treacherous,
I knew it from the start, but continue to love you.

Centimeters apart never felt so far,
When I’m with your company, it always feel miles.
Enigma’s the word, our story could’ve been explained,
For every time we’re together, it always feel strange.

Versions of you keeps popping up,
I’m so confused, on who’s about to show up.
Each day and night you’re always changing,
From zero to hero, beauty to beast.

Up and down and down and down,
Happiness will always turn to frown.
Ripped the pages on the story of us,
Burned them down, tear me apart.

Then one big night, I finally realized,
Two lonely souls met, just the other to fall apart.
Maybe it was your intention, right from the start,
To struck my heart’s strings, and cut the heck out.

And I wonder for hours, “How did you have any guts,
To come back for me, with you from the start?”
To fall in love, darling to you,
To fall into the pit, I’m most likely to avoid.

But I’m on the edge of falling,
Can you help me to become once I was?
I knew you from the start,
And I know you cannot.

By: Daryl Castrudes