Journey to change

The stars on waterless sea, looking down on me
Guide on my journey, as I try to be free.
Swimming on the ocean above the famous trench,
Featured on a movie, whose main character’s name in French.

Sailing in the ocean of thoughts of my own,
Pointing forward on the wake of the dawn.
To stand, to fight, and to aim my self-crafted bow,
Braving the tides, the pirates I don’t know.

The journey was tough for my weak heart,
Surprised on myself as I did withstand.
Battles on the way with such phenomena,
Wounds of my past, won’t haunt me again at last.

So look on the north with my head high,
And flip the rigid pages of my own life.
Tomorrow’s a new day, but will always be the same,
If there’s nothing I’d do that forever will be changed.