Marianas Trench

I tread the ocean on the center of your eye.
But little did I know, beneath that blue water, the deepest trench hides.
I swam for forever until I realized, I do not know how to swim,
I’m drowning of your so-called love.

The water filled my body as it replaced all my blood.
I, soon, became empty, and lifeless and have gone to dust.

The waves that you created,
the storms that you helped to brew,
the lives you took for granted,
was the end of me and you.

I now look back in the ocean, from the tears thousands did make.
Dull, tasteless, and clear is what can be defined.
Well me, I left a tear that may be simple in your eyes.
But it’s made of poison, darling, to end all your lies.

By: Daryl Gian Castrudes.